Ultimate Network Marketing Technique: The Solo Ads

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There are a lot of techniques to network marketing, but this is an ultimate network marketing technique to build your list

Published on October 31, 2012 with 6 Comments

There are a lot of techniques and different styles of building lists.  It’s the foundation of any internet marketer’s ability to create sales and income.  But amidst all the techniques of building your list, there is an ultimate network marketing technique that creates the best results: solo ads.

What is a solo ad?  It’s an ultimate network marketing technique that involves paying someone else to mail THEIR list of people on YOUR behalf, providing a link to your opt-in or squeeze page.  

Why is a solo ad the ultimate network marketing technique?  There are several reasons:

1) You are selling to someone else’s list

Not having to find your own leads and build your own lists is a very effective technique, especially if you are new to the internet marketing field.  This allows you to create sales and income without having to spend time to build a list, which means positive cashflow immediately.  

2) Someone else’s list took time to build and are qualified in a sense for your type of product 

Most likely, depending on where you find your solo ad providers, their lists are people that have opted in to their lists, or are qualified prospects who are looking for your affiliate products.  Again, that means that it’s less hassle for you to waste money on ads that target the wrong people.

3) You build your list off someone’s list

The prospects that op-in to your product or service are put in to your sales funnel, where you can then proceed to make offers to them and build up your own list, all while you make money from the sales.

Where can you leverage the ultimate network marketing technique of solo ads?

Solo ads are everywhere, and depending on where you find a provider, it determines your success factor.  Most people will just approach Google, looking for search results for solo ads.  The problem with this is that many of the top links for solo ads are very diluted.  That means that your conversion percentage is quite low.  The reason solo ads are the ultimate network marketing technique is because it takes a little time to find the right ad provider.  

There are two general rules of thumb when it comes to solo ads.  The first is that solo ads that are very inexpensive and cheap for a lot of exposure typically are not that great.  It may be tempting to place a solo ad for $10-$20 and get exposed to 5000-10000 subscribers, but your opt-in and click rate will be extremely low.  Now, just like any general rule of internet marketing, it’s not a blanket statement.  There will be ads that generate clicks, and a few will result in great click rates.  But, the probability is low.  

The second rule of thumb is to know more about your solo ad provider.  Generic solo ad websites rarely have quality control of subscribers, list opt-ins, and quality of people.  They generally do not have you pay for clicks, but exposure.  That’s the same as pay per impression versus pay per click.  If you know anything about internet marketing, the gold is found in the pay per click advertising.  Results are more efficient and produce more quality.  

Find solo ad providers that manage lists in private groups or forums that have a reputable website or recommendations from fellow solo ad placers.   Also, find the providers that offer pay per click services.  The general range of those solo ads should be $50-100 for 200 unique clicks.  

The last aspect of the ultimate network marketing technique of solo ads is writing good ad copy.  The best piece of advice is to leverage the wealth of information out there.  Research and find the free offers that teach how to write great ad copies, and study how the successful internet marketers write their solo ad copies.  Once you’ve placed a few ads and have been able to track the success of them, learn how to write your own.  

You get what you pay for in network marketing techniques.  Free advertising usually yields low results and only high conversion for a few choice people.  But if you’re not inventing a new system or creating a new product, getting sales and generating income is not as easy as it looks.  Therefore, do what the internet marketing pros do leverage the ultimate network marketing technique of solo ads.  

Was this article helpful?  Have you mastered this ultimate network marketing technique?  Share your success below!

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  1. You want to make sure that your MLM coach has ability to work with others and can develop relationships as well. There has to be a bond between coach and student or you are just wasting your money. A goodcoach will spend extra time with you to help you get it right. Their goal is to help you succeed in creating residual income and building a massive MLM business. You will have to do research or even possibly interviews with hired coaches so you know what their strategies and qualities are.

    • Great feedback! I didn’t really touch on this in the post yet. I definitely agree that if one were to pursue professional coaching in their network marketing or internet marketing business, then he/she should do due diligence in finding the right person who can help them get to where they want to be. Just because a coach is credible doesn’t mean that they will fit your personality and your style. It’s a combination of the right student and right coach, just like it is in finding the right network marketing company.

      Interviews are a great idea to get a sense if you both will mesh well. Thanks for your insight and engagement!

  2. Thanks for sharing the network marketing technique It’s beneficial for us. I look this info for a long time. I will be wait for your new update.

    • Happy to oblige. I’ve written a new article on solos recently, if you want to check those out.

      Feel free to browse around and let me know if you want me to write on something specific that you can’t find.

  3. Great post. Sharing the aspects how ultimate network marketing techniques of solo ads works. Thank you for sharing your techniques.

    • Hey Aaron,

      Thanks for the kind words. Happy to help. Hope I can continue to write good articles to help your business.

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