Overcoming fear: 3 Fears You Allow to Overcome Your Chance of Success

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We all fear something in life and business; overcoming fear is a critical mentality to have to succeed. These are 3 hurdles to overcome.

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I’m sure you’ve heard this a dozen times, that your success as an entrepreneur comes down to your ability of overcoming fear.

It’s absolutely true, and it’s something you need to battle every day.  Your ability to will yourself to victory over your fear is the only way you can overcome fear to take action.  Anything else, and you are just making excuses, or delaying success.

Tell me if this sounds familiar to you: you sponsor an individual in to your business, and you know that they have every bit of potential to make it big in the business.  They know a lot of people and are outgoing, and excited about all the benefits the business can bring to them.  However, they flounder and don’t really come close to the potential you thought they would have.

What happened?  And better yet, how can you prevent this from happening?

What if I told you that the difference between success and failure predicates on the overcoming of fear?

In sales, you are taught that customers are more apt to buy when there is emotion involved, and thus, you want to leverage that emotion, or draw that out.  In your business, you need to do the opposite and take the emotion out of it.  At least when it comes to action.  That’s how you can overcome fear.

Overcoming fear is imperative to success in business

Your ability to recruit is directly related to your ability to overcome fear in three ways:

1) Fear of rejection

Every home-based business owner has this in the beginning.  Chances are, unless you’ve done door-to-door sales, you have a fear of someone slamming the door on you.  You’re afraid of the person on the other end yelling at you, laughing at you, or being mean.  Worse yet, you have an even greater fear of talking to someone that you know about your business.

2) Fear of failure

This is another basic hurdle to overcome fear as an entrepreneur, because it is a basic fear.  It’s inherent in any human being that whenever they make major decisions in their lives, the thought of failure is prevalent.

In network marketing, this fear is magnified, because it already comes with a negative sentiment of the industry, thanks to people who have tarnished it for you beforehand.  You have a fear of being able to truly make it; will you be the 2-5% that makes it as opposed to the 95% that fail?  Will I really be able to sponsor anyone?  What will my family and friends think of me if I don’t make it?

3) Fear of success

This is one of the most heartbreaking in terms of overcoming fear.  First-time entrepreneurs get cold feet because they are afraid of living with expectations, or rather living up to them.

What do I do if I sponsor someone?  I can barely make myself do this business; how will I help someone else do it?  What if I end up building a team and I let them down?  It will be all my fault.

That’s the difference between a job mentality and a business owner mentality.  It doesn’t happen overnight; transition takes time to completely change over.

The majority of individuals fail in our industry because they have the inability of overcoming fear, and these are the first hurdles that take out a lot of people.  They never get out of first gear to even get their businesses going.

Overcoming fear

So the million-dollar question is: how do you surpass?  How can I win at overcoming fear?

Overcoming fear comes down to anything else in this business that I talk about over and over again: winning your daily battles.

You can’t do anything to be completely fearless of everything and anything in this world and in this life.  But overcoming fear comes down to a choice: you can either use the fear to spurn your will to take action, or you can allow your fear to cripple you and become idle.

Therefore, each day is a struggle of your will versus your fears.

If you have a fear of rejection, then you need to will yourself to pick up that phone and make the call.  If your business if good enough for you, then it’s good enough for them, no matter who they are.  And if they say no to you, so what?

You own a million-dollar business; do you think any million dollar company hired EVERYONE?  But, they will have a need to find the RIGHT someone.  So, in order for you to find that right someone, you need to go through people to find them.

If you have a fear of failure, then change your mentality.  Why shouldn’t you be the 5% that makes it?  Every business has only a percentage of people that make it.  No matter what you do, your family will always have something to say, because they only want what they THINK is best for you.  They don’t really know if you will make it or not, because success in network marketing is unique to every person’s individual situation and circumstances.

If you have a fear of success, then tell yourself that you DESERVE to succeed.  If you sponsor someone, teach them along the way with you.  The right people will follow you and work with you, and as long as you are honest with them, they will understand.  Leadership will come at the right time, and if you have the right team, they will help you lead.

What helps me the most are reading my goals when I feel failure is winning the battle within me.  My goals drive me, and they push me to succeed because my time is short.  Do your goals push you to overcoming fear?  If not, it’s time to rework your goals. 

Do you have a fear of overcoming fear?  Share with us.  We would love to help you create a winning mentality and take the right steps toward your deserved success. 

Want more network marketing success tips?  Check out “Black Belt Recruiting” and learn what pros like Mike Dillard first learned about overcoming fear to become the success he is today.

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