What a Network Marketing Rhythm Looks Like

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A key to growing a network marketing business is to have a strong network marketing rhythm.

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You learned how to build a blog, market on the internet effectively, have the right attitude, and develop goals.  You’ve learned how the successful people built their businesses with their niche techniques.  Now comes the application phase.  What does a network marketing rhythm in a business look like?

Well, first off, what is a network marketing rhythm?  Think of a rhythm like a disciplined routine.  Every network marketer has one, and you need to develop one too.

It’s all about the comfort level of what you are willing to do, and how much of it.  That is really the beat that your rhythm plays to.  You will need to ask yourself several questions to develop your routine:

1) What is the target focus of your blog?
2) How often are you willing to blog?
3) How many hours are you devoting to your business per week? Per day?
4) What activities on social media will you do every day?
5) How many calls do you need to make daily?

The list goes on and on, but what you are basically doing is creating a list of results that you want to achieve, and work backwards from there.  That determines how much activity you need in each particular facet.  Then, you fill in blocks of time to devote to your business, and line up your activities during those blocks to accomplish.

This is an example of what a network marketing rhythm looks like:

Monday 7-9pm: Team coring; research new blog post
Tuesday 5-7pm: Networking meetups (collect 10 names); new blog post
Wednesday 6-8pm: Business presentation (bring 2 guests); research new blog post
Thursday 6-8pm: Product preview; new blog post
Friday 6-8pm: Call workshops (book 5 appointments)

Every day:
– add 3 new people to Facebook
– 2 business tweets (not spam; to spark conversation)
– create 3-4 organic conversations via Twitter and Facebook

You can see that this network marketing rhythm I just created is more offline than online, and it’s already quite a number of activities.  You can very well create an internet marketing specific rhythm that involves advertising, article marketing, and webinars, and fill in the spaces instead of presentations and product previews.

For my initial routine, when I first got my blog up, it was very cut and dry: new content, 18 weeks straight, 5 days a week.  I would research every Sunday on a slew of topics to cover, and I put up the content or scheduled it daily.  I set out to write a new post every day, add 5 friends on Facebook, create 10 conversations, do Facebook PPC and backlinking every day, and promote affiliate products via solo ads.  My plan was simple, but effective.

Whether you choose an offline-heavy or online-heavy network marketing rhythm, keep in mind that you need to stick to it.  Success is not bred overnight, and it takes time to build up a solid foundation.  Adjust the rhythm to fit your flow, but don’t ever abandon your gameplan just because it’s not raining commission checks.

What does your network marketing rhythm look like?  Share your successful routine to help others be successful as well!

Frederick Lam
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