Network Marketing Recruiting: Why You Don’t Sign Up Un-Qualified People

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Signing up anyone and everyone for network marketing recruiting is not the best idea.

Published on October 16, 2012 with 2 Comments

By now, you’ve read a million times as to why network marketing recruiting is so crucial to the lifeblood of your business.  It resolves most of the inherent issues within your organization, and it solidifies your residual income.  Network marketing recruiting is the reason why you are able to have the freedom that you have, and that’s why it has to maintain growing capacity throughout your career.   The trick is to get to that critical mass when your business takes off and grows on its own, with or without you. 

However, with that being said, network marketing recruiting also shouldn’t be a charity sport.  A lot of people confuse recruiting in that they think that everyone is a prospect, or that everyone needs to be in your business.  While people say that, it’s not true!  Only the qualified people are your prospects.  You don’t need to sign everyone up; just the best. 

There are many reasons why in network marketing recruiting, you don’t sign up the unqualified prospects.  First off, the best internet marketers know that signing people up begins a process.  You are committing to a person to help them become successful, which means your time will be affected.  As entrepreneurs, your time is already slim as it is.  So if your time is so valuable, why would you waste it on people who are not qualified to be your business partners?

Time is money, and both are scarce.  Why waste it on network marketing recruiting for the wrong prospect?

One of the top leaders and recruiters in our company was signing up a real estate agent with one of her newer business partners.  The real estate agent was a big-shot, with tons of connections, and a real frontrunner.  Then when it came to the sign-up process, the real-estate voiced her unwillingness to go to trainings.  Rather than tell a lie and tell the real estate agent that training is not necessary, the top recruiter closed the notebook and told the real estate agent to leave.  The real estate agent left in a huff and was very upset, and so was the new business partner.  The top recruiter looked right in to the new business partner’s eyes and said “You should thank me – I just saved you 6 months of your life.”

Network marketing recruiting is also about spending your resources wisely.  Recruiting is not a free product, and it will take sacrifice on your part, via samples, gas, money, etc.  This is especially true if you are recruiting via the internet, as your prospects don’t just come banging down your door just because you opened a Facebook account.  Therefore, again, it’s a valuable resource, so invest it wisely in the right people, not the unqualified ones.

Prospects are unqualified for one reason or another.  It could just be poor timing on your part.  Whatever the reason, the timing is not now, and signing them up when they are not ready won’t make your life any easier or your income any more secure.  Even if they could turn out to be great teammates later on, you have to let the process work itself out.  Pushing them in to something just means that when they realize what they’ve done, they are going to be more disappointed and likely to develop a bitter taste about network marketing. 

For more on the right way to approach network marketing recruiting, check out the audio series “Black Belt Recruiting” HERE!

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