Network Marketing Mindset: Is money the root of all evil?

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One of the most popular questions when it comes to network marketing mindset is this: Is money the root of all evil?

A major setback most first-time business owners experience is the guilt of making money. They feel as though it’s wrong to want to have the drive to be well-off.  They think as though it’s not right for them to be wealthy or well-off because it violates some kind of worldly law of balance.  As a Christian myself, a network marketing mindset of wanting to be wealthy can be misconstrued as incorrect.  

This is a big religious debate, and this is not a religious blog or forum, so I will not get in to that.  If you want to discuss this with me, feel free to email me.  I’m happy to talk about it on a one-to-one basis.  

Now back to the main topic…network marketing mindset…

Is everyone going to be rich? No.

Is it possible for you to be rich? Absolutely!

The network marketing mindset that people claim that money is not their primary concern is not true. It overwhelms everyone that is not rich. Paying bills, worrying about financial setbacks, and fretting about the lack of ability to do what you want when you want are all MONEY concerns.

But is money the root of all evil?

Money, like anything else in this world, is just a tool.  It just so happens that this tool is relative to many important things in life.  Money is the currency of life, so why wouldn’t it?

However, money doesn’t buy everything.  It’s only good for buying a portion of life.  There are intangibles that cannot be had even if you have all the money in the world.  But the key to network marketing mindset is that you are perfectly allowed to be rich or wealthy.  

Think about it: would you rather give a hobo your last $20, or build a food and homeless shelter that teaches the community of destitution job skills to get minimum-wage jobs to get them back on their feet?  Or build a rehab center for drug addicts to help them change their life?  

Just because you are rich doesn’t mean you have to live like a king.  You can live the same life you live, and then take the surplus of money that you have to sponsor a charity, or even start your own.  Do you think that most charities in this world are financed because of your monthly $20 donation?  No, they are financed by rich people giving generous funding donations of millions of dollars.  

I think being rich as a network marketing mindset is about guilt, but it’s not about guilt of being wealthy.  I venture to say that it’s your own guilt of bigger and better things in your life.  You know what to do with yourself right now, in your current situation.  But you are scared of what you are capable of when you are given more.  

Think I’m wrong?  Prove it!  Stop feeling guilty and develop a network marketing mindset of being wealthy and allow yourself to do bigger and better things.  

Part of what I set out to do is to change the way you think about what you do, so that you can be a success. For more on network marketing mindset, check out other articles I have on my blog, and stay tuned for more.

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