Network Marketing Interview: What You Can Learn

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Through a network marketing interview, you can pick up some great nuggets of knowledge.

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Today is a special treat, as I begin what will be a continued series of great interviews with people who have created a comfortable residual income for themselves.  My hope is that from the network marketing interview, you will be able to pick up a few nuggets to spur your business success.

Today my network marketing interview is with six-figure Amway distributor, Don Osborne.

Don Osbone is the author of The Profit Puzzle Small Business Made Simple! and the founder of Network Now! His mission for many years has been to help people avoid small business failure and enjoy more success “one piece at a time”. A Northern California native, he has lived in Southern California for many years where he and his wife of 42 years raised their three daughters. Don is a active small business educator and speaker and can be contacted at both online and on your iPhone or Andriod smartphone.

Network Marketing Interview Questions:

1) What intrigued or motivated you to start your own home based business?

It wasn’t a specific product or service I had come up with, needing extra income or hating my current job. I was just driven by the thought I wanted to “own my own business”.

2) What actions did you take in the beginning to building your successful business?

I thought about the kinds of activities I liked doing, my interests and current contacts and “invented” a business providing services to membership organizations that were big enough to need an Executive Director but too small too afford someone full time. At the time, through my “9-5” job, I was active in a Retail Merchants association. I used that volunteer position to help me gather my first clients with other local organizations. My clients were Trade Associations made up of local small business owners. That experience formed the basis of my current business, The Profit Puzzle Small Business Made Simple! and Network Now! 

3) What advice would you give to any startup home based business entrepreneur in terms of what they should do starting out?

You know how most people start a business without knowing much about business? That’s a problem you need to work on solving immediately. The same is true about the area of knowing and developing yourself as a person. It’s not enough to just know business or yourself, you must work on both. Also, you can’t know all or be all. So, it’s critical to constantly network to fully maximize your success and optimize your profit.

4) What tools would you recommend that every home entrepreneur should have at their disposal?

Today’s #1 tool is a Smartphone. Connecting with other people and information is your most valuable asset for starting, running and growing your business.

5) Why did you decide to pursue Profit Puzzle?

I strongly believe there is no reason for a person in any part of the world to fail in successful small business ownership for a lack of knowing what to do and having the tools to do it. The Profit Puzzle and it’ companion app, Network Now! is my contribution to helping a person avoid failure and enjoy more success “one piece at a time”.

6) What should prospective users expect from the application to aid them in their business?

The Profit Puzzle and Network Now! provide the business basics all businesses must apply for success and a simple way to create more business through referrals. They are both Smartphone  based. The challenge is to “Learn & Do” the basics and consistently meet and follow up with other business owners. All to often, a person is too excited to focus on the basics and just wants to do a “specific thing” they feel they can do. What users should expect is an easy way to stay on track with learning and applying the basics and building a solid foundation for referrals. It will take discipline. A quote from Richard Bach says it best: “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however”.

Was this network marketing interview helpful to you?  Please comment and share what you would like to learn from future interviews!

Don Osborne

Don Osborne
Phone: 909-560-1464
Mobile Website:

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