Network Marketing Grind: What It Is and How You Can Overcome It

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Network Marketing Grind

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Don’t get caught up in the honeymoon phase of your business, because the money is in the network marketing grind.  

Don't get caught up in the prepared for the network marketing grind.
You, like everyone else, get fired up when someone lights that fire underneath you. That’s why motivational speaking and seminars attract so many people: there is an excitement value that results from attendence. This is why the best companies have inspirational events to “fire” its distributors up.

And when you get lit up, you attack like a buzzsaw, full of action, commitment, and drive. You don’t let negativity or failure phase you, because you have that armor of confidence and passion.

But alas, like it is in every situation in life, the honeymoon phase burns out. And what you are left with is a few embers of what was. This is where most of us fall prey in our businesses.

We rely heavily upon these motivational events or gatherings to boost our drive and initiative to succeed. But what we don’t realize is that we create a dependency on an external factor in which we cannot control. We then create this need to have “attend events” in order to grow and build the business, so thus we wait until the next event to get fired up and build.

Attending events is fantastic, and is a crucial part of sustaining rapid momentum in a business, but you don’t create the dependency. The ones that make it realize that the network marketing grind is really where the true entrepreneurs separate themselves from the ones that will fall to the wayside.

So let’s focus on the second: what is the network marketing grind?  

When the honeymoon is over, that’s the network marketing grind.  It’s the time after the hype and excitement is over from an event.  You’ve lost the drive and fire; now what?  

The reason it’s called the network marketing grind is that the challenges of building your own business are just as prevalent as when you were all fired up.  The difference is that it stings more because you don’t have that “get out of my way” mentality or armor of confidence to leave you un-phased by the effects.  It’s also harder to spur yourself to take action, because nobody is pushing you with inspirational lines and elaborate sets of emotional stories.  

Does anyone remember those old Sprite commercials where the actors are constantly asking “What’s my motivation?”

Network marketing grind - what's my motivation?

The quote is right on the money in terms of this article: what’s your motivation?  When someone else is not lighting the fire underneath you, what are you using to keep yourself going?  You need goals!

We all realize that in order to succeed in a business for ourselves, we have to overcome our own fears and inhibitions mentally. There’s no way to sugarcoat or change the focus here: you need to get over yourself in order to succeed in a home-based business. No one will push you harder than you need to be pushed but yourself.  

You can listen to all the audios and read all the books there is in the universe.  But at the end of the day, if you can’t push yourself through the network marketing grind, you will never build up enough consistent momentum to carry you through to success.  

The only way you can really get yourself through the network marketing grind is to have powerful goal statements and goal affirmations to retain that armor of confidence.  I wrote several articles on goals and goal statements before, so you can reference it if you need help with goals.  

Your ability to succeed is directly proportional to your ability to get yourself through the network marketing grind.  Those that can push themselves when nobody is watching are the ones that can control their fate in this business. 

Need the truth to work with in the network marketing grind? Check out Renegade Network Marketer.  It’s an oldie but a goodie, and it sums up the industry perfectly and how you can conquer it.

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