Network Marketing Goals: What It All Boils Down To

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network marketing goals - what it all boils down to

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In creating network marketing goals, there’s a myriad of resources that are available for your reading and learning.  You can read guru books on inspiration, how to set the proper goals, and how to accomplish goals.  Everyone has something to say when it comes to how to create goals, how to manage goals, and how to achieve goals.  

I’m going to approach it from a different perspective: network marketing goals, and any goals in general, all come down to one thing at the end of the day.  


Just think about it.  Your business is predicated on you using yourself as a marketing piece.  If you decide that today you are too busy to go to that networking meeting, or send out that ad, or talk to that prospect on Facebook, or do that banner ad, then you are essentially NOT working.  You are basically saying that your business is not open today.

It doesn’t matter how powerful that book is that you just read, or that meeting you just came back from.  It won’t matter how powerful of a network marketing goals statement you make.  If you don’t physically go and create ripples in your industry, you will fail.  

Being an entrepreneur and in a business for yourself is one of the most difficult feats there are known to the human mind.  Why is that?  Because in general, most people are TERRIBLE managers of themselves.  

We are incredibly gifted when it comes to managing others, but when it comes to ourselves, we have no idea where to even begin.  We can’t even motivate ourselves to be diligent in our business.  

I can’t tell you how many times I see people who talk a big talk about how awesome they are. Or, they will make all these promises that they are going to be your best partner yet.  However, when the excitement dwindles and the dust settles, those people are nowhere to be found.

Instead, they get stuck hanging on the fence, unable to will themselves to take a leap of faith.  They are too embarassed to say they don’t want a future for themselves, but unwilling to do anything about it.  

It’s the most irritating and largest epidemic in the world: the ability to manage ourselves.  It’s because it doesn’t cause physical death (well, not directly) that it’s not one of the worst killer diseases in the world.  However, it can cause emotional, mental, financial, and metaphorical death in every other sense. 

It’s all you.  There is no one else that will achieve those network marketing goals but you.  There is nobody else the goals you created are for except yourself.  

Do you want the secret to network marketing goals?  Do you want to know what the gurus did to make it while the same people that started with them failed?  What’s the missing piece?  

There is no missing piece; it’s been there the entire time.  You just weren’t ready to acknowledge it until now.  

This video will shed some more light on what it takes:


So the next time you decide to not do that task that you may think is menial for your business, think again. You are basically declaring to the universe that you don’t really want to accomplish your network marketing goals.  You are saying that whatever else is going on in your life is more important than growing your business.  

Don’t let life get in the way of your success.  The ones that do rarely survive.  It’s the ones that are willing to put blinders on that will really make it and achieve their network marketing goals. 

Network marketing goals - putting blinders on

Are you growing or dying when it comes to your network marketing goals?  Contact me if you need help re-focusing.

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