Network Marketing Advertising: Is Bing the New Real Deal?

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Is Bing really the real deal of network marketing advertising since Google is so saturated?

Published on November 02, 2012 with No Comments

Sometimes, there’s no fault in being #2.  Bing has revolutionized their search algorithm for quite some time, and their whole goal is to loosen Google’s dominance in the search engine world and eventually take it over.  A lot of people are beginning to switch over to Bing to do their searches.  What that means for you and network marketing advertising in general is another HUGE avenue for cashing in.

We are all accustomed to Google PPC, but what about Bing PPC?  Well, considering that it’s the fastest growing search engine in the world, if you don’t jump on it with your network marketing advertising, your competition will.  It’s basically a question of who wants to capitalize on the trend.

So how does one get on to Bing to take advantage of Bing PPC?  Simple: pick up the phone and call your Bing representative and get your ad approved.  You can import Google Adword campaigns for free, and setup is also no charge. 

There will be 3 things that you need to make note of on your network marketing advertising campaigns in order to get your ads approved:

1) You must have disclaimers underneath your sales page like privacy, terms or service, etc.

2) You must have a bypass link or button so prospects can opt-out of putting in information

3) Videos cannot autoplay

Now I’m sure most people are going to be up in arms when they find out that their network marketing advertising must have a bypass option.  This can be seen as an open door to people not giving up their leads information to you.  However, if your sales page and products are made for your target market, and you have the write ad copy written, those people will enter their information to buy your product anyways.

As for free offers and sales pages, my best advice is to have a product where even if it’s free, it requires contact information to be received, and a credit card if that’s possible to. (Matt Lloyd’s IM Revolution has this feature

Making money quickly and efficiently is about identifying trends and figuring out the next hot source of leads before it becomes mainstream.  Bing is the next hotbed of leads and search queries, so you need to jump on it and get your network marketing advertising on Bing PPC. 

For more information on getting your network marketing advertising set up with Bing PPC, here is a SNEAK PEEK to The Traffic Playbook.  It will give you the down and dirty blueprint on how to take full advantage of Bing adwords and SWARM your inbox with leads with their proven and tested system that has all the internet marketing money leaders swooning! 

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