What is a Magnetic Personality for a Qualified Prospect?

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Having a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect is a huge plus in the recruiting process.

Published on October 10, 2012 with 2 Comments

When you are going through your prospects, you are looking for the most qualified individuals to work with.  You don’t want to spend your valuable time with just anyone.  In a previous post, I discussed the six indicators of a qualified prospect.  One of those traits is a magnetic personality.  So what is a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect?

Do you know anyone in your list that has a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect?

For starters, a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect is someone who commands attention without aggressiveness.  This is someone that controls the room, someone you can’t take your eye off of.  You consistently check in with that person to see what’s going on because you want to stay in the loop.  They are the life of the conversation.  They are the center of attention and they know it and love it.

A magnetic personality for a qualified prospect can also mean someone who lights up a room.  Have you ever been to a party and it was really boring until someone walked in to the room and it seemed as though the vibe just picked up?  Someone with a magnetic personality tells great stories and jokes, making them very engaging.  People who talk to that person can’t help but smile or laugh because of the stimulating conversation they have with that person.  

Someone who was a class clown or has always been known to keep the mood light and friendly would fit the bill for a magnetic personality.  People who speak eloquently and can paint a picture with words and expressions are examples of a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect.  

A huge trait of someone with a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect is that of natural-born leadership.  There are people that exude a certain aura that makes you want to listen to them and follow them.  They can say a few words and you instantly know that he or she is the person you want.  It’s a mixture of confidence with a slight edge of arrogance, but whatever it is, it is downright magnetic by all counts.  

That type of natural leadership cannot be taught, nor can attention-centers and funny people.  You either have these qualities, or you don’t.  That is why these types of magnetic personality for a qualified prospect are such huge indicators, because they epitomize attraction marketing.  

Attraction is about not having to chase after prospects, but have them come after you to seek what you give the impression that you have.  When you attract based on credibility and trust, rather than chase with desperation and urgency, recruiting becomes a much easier task.  

Go through your list and identify who these people are, and make an immediate plan to approach them with your business.  Whether you ask them for referrals, show them the plan to evaluate, or just directly ask them of their interest in doing something on the side, make sure you do something.  

My advice is that when you find someone that has a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect, contact your senior business partner to strategize a plan of action.  Keep in mind to maintain posture and confidence, because people of magnetic personality want to talk to people who are similar in nature.  They may be gems, but don’t let them know you think they are.  It’s a game; don’t reveal your hand too early.  

Do you know of a magnetic personality for a qualified prospect that you look for?  Share and comment below!

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