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Tips to improve your article marketing skills to build increased lead generation

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One of the classic, and still one of the effective, ways to brand yourself in terms of lead generation is article marketing.  When it comes to writing articles for lead generation, writing good strong content is a plus to draw readers to your blog or website to create added exposure for yourself.

Heed these tips when it comes to article marketing for efficient lead generation:

Write unique, well-written content –

Throw keywords in to the mix, but don’t go overboard (3-5% saturation of the keyword should be the target), as this is a debatable but in my opinion, important, part of lead generation for searchers.  Focus on proper grammar, professional journalism skills, and maintaining the tone of the article to be of what you would normally write or say, so it has your own personal flair to it as well.  Need ideas? InboxQ is a unique resource to leverage to help come up with topics to write about.

Submit to as many distribution channels as possible –

Ezinearticles is a great forum to submit article content for lead generation.  They are a well-established arena when it comes to quality content, so as a trusted site, there is a strong audience presence.  You can check a running list of Top 50 article directories on the Internet.  The more sites your content is on, the more eyes that have a chance to view, and the greater probability they will click on your link to view your website or blog.  MAKE SURE you put your link on your articles somewhere so people know how to follow your content. This will also help you with backlinking to build your website or blog credibility.

Working with other similar websites –

Browse through your network to find people who have websites or blogs that you can offer your services.  Be a guest author on someone else’s blog or website to get your name out there.  This is one of the best ways to build lead generation because followers of other websites already have built a trust of that website’s content, so if the author of the website agrees to put your material on, chances are that you will get curious attention from would-be readers.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes –

When you write your content, always be thinking to yourself “what would I want to know as a reader if I was a new person in this topic of interest?”  It will help you develop a series of questions that should be addressed through your article, so that your reader can get value out of it.  Getting value out of an article is one of the more likely reasons for a reader to click on your affiliate link to your website or blog to find out more about you, or read more content from you.

For more tips on article marketing, check out this FREE webinar below (unless you’re an expert in article marketing already).

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