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Previously, we’ve discussed how to set up your Facebook page, as well as how to organically produce content and increase likes on your page for establishing internet marketing presence.  I hope that all of you have set up your Facebook pages and are enjoying results from the tips that I gave you.

Now let’s focus our attention to Twitter.  Twitter has become somewhat of an abandoned internet marketing presence hub.  That is due to the fact that the tweet-stream is so massive, and it requires so much more care in order to get anything worthwhile out of it.

I’m here to tell you that internet marketing presence can still be established on Twitter without a lot of work.  Better yet, it’s even EASIER to manage your Twitter and get responses than Facebook.  Don’t believe me? Let’s explore!

First things first, you need to establish your Twitter account.  Go to Twitter, and set up your “handle” and get your account up and running.  It’s pretty straight-forward in registration, so I won’t spend time going over that.

Setting up your profile is also relatively easy, and you want to maintain the same rules of thumb as we discussed in the Facebook profile setup.  Keep your profile photo professional, and keep your profile clean and to the point.  Twitter sort of forces this upon you since you have a 160 character limit to work with.  Make sure you link back to your website or Facebook page for cross-promoting your internet marketing presence.

If you don’t know what to say on your profile, check mine out here for insight.

Once your profile is set up, you want to start compiling tweets, or posts, and gain followers.  That’s the name of the game after all.  A tweet is a created post that broadcasts publically to the Twitter world.  This post has a 140 character limit, so many people will use shorthand, abbreviations, and acronyms, to save precious characters.  Here is a resource list of “Twingo” to leverage in your tweets.

In terms of creating content, just like Facebook, use other profiles, websites, and blogs for inspiration.  Create content, but also share other people’s content as well.  Establishing an internet marketing presence is not just simply about you.  You want to share other content to build up variety, and it helps you because those Tweeters, or post authors, will notice you sharing their stuff and compliment you.  It’s a good way to building up a relationship and establishing credibility.  This process is called retweeting.

As you gain your own set of followers and continue to tweet, you too will have people retweeting your content.  The great thing about retweets is that the credit will always go back to the original poster, which means you will gain notoriety.  Twitter is a symbiotic internet marketing presence; you share others, others share you.

TIP #1: A good mix of created versus retweeted content should be about 3:1.  This means you should have 3-4 composed tweets and a retweet of something else.

TIP #2: Frequency of posting needs to be high.  You should ideally be posting at least 5-10 times a day.  Remember, when it comes to Twitter internet marketing presence, all tweets are public.  That means that one tweet you send goes out in to this ocean of tweets.  How obvious will your one tweet be in a stream of tweets?  Not very likely.  Therefore, the more lines you throw out with your tweets, the more chances you get to be found and followed.

Don’t go overboard though.  Sending once an hour is extreme overkill and just wastes a lot of your time.  Focus on controlled quality, not overbearing quantity.

TIP #3: Spread your tweets out over the course of a day.  Remember, Twitter is a worldwide forum, and reaches a much larger audience instantly.  Therefore, people all around the world operate on different time zones.  Subject your internet marketing presence to the global forum by exposing yourself to multiple time zones throughout the day.

This can be done via Twitter schedulers.  I would recommend free tools like Twuffer and BufferApp, but if you want to pay for HootSuite for a more complete solution, that is also a very viable option.

TIP #4: When people follow you, follow back!  Some people are rather cruel in the fact that if you don’t follow back, the will unfollow you, but that’s just the name of the game.  Try to follow back within 24 hours, BUT don’t follow spammers and fakers.  There will be people who have inappropriate content on their profile, or on their tweets.  DO NOT follow them.  I screen my followers by expanding their profile to see if they post legitimate content that I find useful BEFORE following back.  I recommend that you do the same.

Failing to screen your followers can hurt your internet marketing presence, because your followers are publically shown to all viewers of your profile.

TIP #5: Make it a habit to respond to people who follow you by sending them a reply or a direct message.  A direct message is a private communication sent only to the poster, not the public.  Think of it like a private message on Facebook.  Again, there is a 140 character limit to direct messages, so use your limits wisely.

Alright, that should get you going for now.  Next up on building Twitter internet marketing presence: customer acquisition. 


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