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Establish your internet marketing presence quickly with these solo ad sources

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Last time we discussed internet marketing presence, we closed our article about using Twitter, and how to generally attract more traffic to it.  Now, our focus is going to shift back to direct internet marketing as we discuss solo ads and how to develop your internet marketing presence to generate sales and leads.

For your solo ads, you want to be diligent in the way that you purchase your solo ads.  If you just do a generic Google search for “solo ads”, you are going to come across a LOT of junk.  It’s a lot of junk that you are going to throw money away on, and it won’t do a thing to help your internet marketing presence.

Remember that solo ads, in relation to your internet marketing presence, is a lot like buying wine.  You get what you pay for.  Therefore, buying a $10 solo ad that claims it’s going to get you tons of leads, is very suspect.  Be diligent in how you buy your solo ads.  Some people charge you cheaper rates and get you on auto-buy programs, and then they have bots and pay people to click on your solo ads.  That’s not good for your internet marketing presence, because those are empty leads and just a bunch of fluff.

My rule of thumb is to research the price and how many unique clicks you are buying.  Pricing will generally vary, but again, you get what you pay for.  Your internet marketing presence dollars need to be hard at work, so a good rule is somewhere between 35-45 cents per unique click.

So where does one find good solo ad sources for internet marketing presence?

I suggest using a combination of 2 sources: Skype and Safe-Swaps

Skype, for those of you who don’t know, is a form of video and voice chat that has instant messaging and group capabilities.  You can also make phone calls, but that’s a premium feature, and superfluous unless you make international calls all the time.  Once you log in to Skype, you can search out solo ad groups and peruse solo ad promotions on private channels.  You can also message solo ad vendors to establish terms and conditions of payment.

Most vendors work with Paypal, so make sure you get an account if you don’t have one.

One special tip I have is this: when ordering services for solo ad vendors through Paypal, NEVER classify the purchase as personal.  ALWAYS classify it as a services payment.  It protects you in the event that you have a dispute with the solo ad vendor.

I stumbled across Safe-Swaps a while back while perusing the solo ad market.  I love the simple outlay, and ease of use.  You can sign up for a guest account to begin accessing the solo ad vendor directory.  You can customize how much you want to pay for clicks, and how many clicks you want.

Each solo ad vendor profile has a listing of ads they promote, as well as ratings from other people who have purchased ads from them.  The list can be sorted by highest to lowest ratings.

Make sure that if you are going to be doing solo ads for your internet marketing presence, get a link tracking software.  You need a method to make sure that your solo ad providers are giving you the clicks that you paid for.

There are free resources that have basic functionality, like Bit.Ly or Google Analytics.  However, Google is a bit complicated for link tracking if you ask me.  I prefer to use a paid service like LinkTrackr to be my software system.  It has equally robust tracking stats as Google, but it also cloaks the link for me, to prevent thieves from stealing your commissions.  You spend time building your internet marketing presence; don’t let other people take your earned assets away from you.

This is just really scratching the surface of internet marketing presence when it comes to solo ad sources, but it’s a great start for anyone who’s looking to dive in.  It will also produce results quickly, as you will build your list and get opt-ins to your autoresponder.  

Have a question about internet marketing presence or solo ads?  Send me an email or reach out to me for help.

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