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Internet marketing presence Facebook likes and content creation

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Alright, so last time I spoke about how to set up your Facebook business page and begin branding yourself.  The continuation of internet marketing presence now focuses on how to create content and likes on your page.  

Creating the proper content for your page is just like marketing to your target market, with a bit of fun involved in it.  You want to have your target market, or avatar, picked out.  You want to answer the following:

What do they look like?
What problems do they have specifically with your niche market?
What kind of income do they have?
What makes them tick?

Those are just the surface questions really.  However, your internet marketing presence depends on your ability to really understand what these questions are asking, rather than just answering them.  

For those of you who are struggling to establish your avatar, send me an email and I can get you a worksheet that will help you figure it out.  It’s something that I paid money for in an internet marketing class, but I’m going to give it to you for free to help you establish your internet marketing presence.

Once you’ve identified your avatar, then you can begin to figure out how to create content that would be engaging to that audience.  Creating internet marketing presence is about establishing “stickiness”.  Put yourself in your target’s shoes.  What kind of information and content would you want to see?  

Then comes the harvesting phase.  You want to research pages or sites that are posting the content that you are looking for, as well as site sources that provide that content on a regular basis.  That can be content that you can share and find inspiration for content.  Social Media Examiner is a great site to use, for example.

Next step is to add a personalization factor in to it.  It is your Facebook business page after all.  A big component of your internet marketing presence is to infuse your own flair in to your content and marketing. You want to share your story, even if it’s not a success story yet.  It provides familiarity and a sense of warmth to the readers.  And that’s what will keep them coming back if they identify with you.

In terms of creating likes to establish internet marketing presence, think organics.  Whatever you do, DO NOT buy likes.  They are impersonal, they will lower your EdgeRank (the metric that measures your “engagement” on your Facebook page), and it’s just hot air because those followers you get will not pay attention to your material.  

Like exchanges are a good idea, but bear in mind that you need to be prepared that, just like buying likes, they will not become your target market.  I sometimes do like exchanges to find content inspiration and to be able to share other people’s posts that are similar to my target content.  Instead, think about cross-promotion, like an article will explain later.

Remember, Facebook is not a popularity contest like MySpace was years ago.  While having 10,000 likes is a monumental feat, those people who organically earned are monetizing Facebook like a gold mine.  Don’t you want that for yourself and your internet marketing presence?  

For a resource on how to build likes organically, check out this article for 10 ways to build likes.

When you’ve done all the organic work you can do, then the next step is marketing and promotions.  This the end of the free road.  If you want to take your internet marketing presence to the next level, you are going to have to put some skin in the game.  

Start thinking promoting posts and running ads.  If you’ve never done this before, start slow, with a small budget of $50.  This will help you get a grasp of how ads work, and how effective your content is.

To promote a post, just click on the promote button to the bottom right of your post.  You can use the slider bar that pops up to determine the lifetime budget of your promoted post.  It will tell you how much audience it’s going to reach, and how much it’s going to cost.  You can see an example of a promoted post I did on February 7th from my Facebook page.

When you choose to promote at whatever budget you choose, you will have this promotion listed in the top right of your news feed in the future to let you know how that post is going.  It will track number of ads, likes, and actions taken.

Choose your promoted posts wisely.  They are paid, so make sure you promote material that is going to obtain results for you: likes or conversions.  You can also treat your first few promoted posts like a marketing piece.  You can write a piece of great content and broadcast it to get some notoriety.  That type of notice can definitely help your internet marketing presence.

If you need further help with your internet marketing presence on Facebook, feel free to hit me up for advice.  I’m here to help.

Next time, we tackle Twitter…

Was this post helpful in promoting your internet marketing presence on Facebook?  If you have tips, please share!


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