Internet Marketing Mentality: What Driving Has to Do with It

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What does driving have to do with internet marketing mentality? Find out here.

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Let’s have a little fun reading today with regards to driving and internet marketing mentality.

The other morning, I was driving along the freeway.  As you get to know me better, you’ll realize that I’m a bit of a speed freak.  I drive fast, but not dangerous fast.  I come up on to the fast lane, and there’s a car there, dragging along the freeway not even at the speed limit.  I quickly changed lanes to pass the car.  So what does this story have to do with internet marketing mentality?

Simply put, a lot.  When I thought about it more later that night, I realized that there are a lot of parallels between driving and your internet marketing mentality.

For instance, my little story from the top.  Do you agree that people make the commitment to drive in the fast lane, but then drive slower than they should to keep the traffic flowing?  That’s like the traditional internet marketing mentality of many newcomers to the industry.  Heck, even veterans of the niche are guilty of it.

They make a commitment to be an internet marketer, and get in to the industry.  Then, they don’t do the work necessary or do enough actions to produce the results that everyone else is producing.  They have no idea that they need to surpass the baseline “speed” in order to scale their business accordingly to drive enough significant traffic.

If you are taking the leap, remember that it’s always easier to build faster than it is slower.

Another situation that parallels internet marketing mentality is traffic.  This, however, is not good traffic when we are talking about driving.  Tell me again if this sounds familiar.  You are stuck in traffic, and then you see people zipping by on the emergency shoulder, or driving ahead and cutting people off ahead.  Or even, they cut you off.

People feel the need to cut corners because they think that the few minutes they save are so precious.  However, they slow down the flow of traffic, and most of the time, those few minutes end up being wasted because they are stuck like the rest of us.

Some people’s internet marketing mentality is the same.  They try to look for the “magic pill” or “magic formula” that is going to solve all of their problems and instantly produce significant commission checks.  They skip the hard work and repetition that is necessary to produce consistent results, which is the actual truth to creating residual success.

It is not until later down the road that they realize that all the corners they cut ended up getting them nowhere.  The temporary bliss they felt in “being ahead” was merely an illusion.

Rubbernecking is another great example in relation to internet marketing mentality.  EVERYONE (but you) slows down to gawk and stare at accidents.  It’s not their fault; it’s human intuition to be curious.  The problem is that, knowingly or not, they actually add to the bottleneck of traffic by slowing down.

It’s the same in our business.  There are lots of self-acclaimed gurus and internet marketing experts all over the internet.  Don’t get me wrong…there are plenty of legitimate, successful internet marketers who are actually teaching fantastic methodologies (like Matt Lloyd and Ann Sieg).  The information is fantastic, insightful, and will teach you a lot.

The double-edged sword in this scenario is that with so much information and videos out there, we can get caught up and lost in all the training.  When we do that, we unknowingly slow down our own progress, as we get inundated by all the material.

Do you know someone that is guilty of these internet marketing mentality offenses?  Do you see any other parallels to internet marketing?  Share your feedback below.


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