How to Work with Out of State Business Partners

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Here are 3 tips on how to work with out of state business partners and getting them started right.

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Do you ever hear the phrase that local is king?  In network marketing, the most productive business building techniques focus on building local, to leverage team momentum.  But how about for internet marketers?  If we are doing advertising, then chances are that we are going to be sponsoring out of state business partners.  How do we work with them?

I’ve had the fortune to work with many out of state business partners right from the onset of my business, because it just happened that way.  The first few business partners I brought in the business had connections out of state, and it just so happened that both of them were in the same state.  They were eager, qualified, and hungry, so we took them in.

Working with out of state business partners is definitely a tougher task than building locally, but if done right, can reap just as much benefit, if not more than what you could expect.  This business is a people business, and you never know when out of state business partners could lead to an entire organization of people that you never knew.

Often times, many people want to spend too much time training their people before they let them “go out in to the wild.”  I don’t buy that at all. If they are committed and hungry, leverage that passion and get them out there exposing the business to prospects.  That’s the only way they are going to get real-world experience out of it.

In this video, I’m going to go over 3 very simple techniques to get your out of state business partners started off right, and get them making money and building their business right away.

Do you have experience working with out of state business partners?  Share your thoughts and tips and pay it forward!

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