How to Explode Your Home Based Business with Twitter

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How to automate twitter leads to explode your home based business

Published on August 07, 2012 with 1 Comment

Today I’m going to keep it short, as I’m at our company convention right now and I don’t have a lot of time to write.  The question I’m going to answer for you today is how to turn your Twitter in to a lead-generating machine that will explode your home based business.  And when I say explode your home based business, I DO MEAN explode.

In order to explode your home based business, there are two things that you need to overcome

There’s only two reasons why network marketers and home based business owners fail in marketing: fear and lack of leads.  Parallel to what Christians face in their lifelong struggles of will of God vs. will of flesh, home based business owners possess a perpetual internal struggle between will and fear.  I want you to study your leaders and notice how they seem to have very little fear.  They don’t make excuses; they make money.  It’s because every time they come across an action that will perpetuate their business, they see it as another step towards their future.  Leaders overcome the fear of failure by willing themselves to take action.  And that’s what you need to do after you read this article and watch the FREE video below.

The second reason of failure is lack of leads.  Eventually, your warm market runs dry, and most home based business owners can’t figure out how to build lists and build “inventory.”  Most network marketers shriek when I say that word, but you all know that it’s true.

In order to explode your home based business, you MUST build a perpetual inventory that will NEVER dry out. 

These are the two ways you can conquer your home based business

So how does a valiant and determined entrepreneur like yourself go out and create that outcome?  Simple.  There’s only 2 paths to make it happen:

A) You build organically, creating rapport and developing trust with every person you possibly can every…single…day, one at a time.

B) You set yourself up with automated sales funnels in which you invest a little time every day to manage and you instantly get what you have to say in front of millions of eyes and single out the individuals who are interested in what you have to offer.

Well, I hope you all piqued an interest and got excited about B.  If you didn’t, then you must be a very nostalgic person who likes to make your life harder than it already is.  Me?  I forge a new path and incorporate both methods.  I was trained in old school methods, and I stumbled across the internet marketing school of success.  Rather than throw all my “old” training away, I decided to make an effort to incorporate those classic methods in to the new style of internet marketing that can appeal to everyone.

So if you like what you are reading, and you are ready to explode your home based business in to another stratosphere, then you need to watch this FREE video (all you need is your name and email) on how to automate your leads via Twitter.  Don’t delay; your next step to success starts NOW after you click the picture below!

How to automate your Twitter leads to explode your home based business

Cheers to Your Success!

Success is within your grasp; reach out and take hold of it!

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