Changing Your Prospecting at Meetup Groups

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Prospecting at meetup groups is a fantastic method of building leads. But don't do what most bad people do.

Published on September 13, 2012 with No Comments has definitely becomes the big arena for prospecting and recruiting, thanks to its simple interface and ability to connect individuals with one another.  While a lot of people have been prospecting at meetup groups, all too often I have seen people not leverage the system correctly.  They come in, get cards, and get out and move on.

The only problem with that strategy of prospecting at meetup groups is that nobody trusts you.  They know that you are there just for yourself, and they see that you will provide them with no value.  Because of that, your chances of actually getting good leads, strong referrals, and developing a repoire with prospects there is slim to none.  I’ve even seen organizers get angry and kick people out of groups because of it.

Be a helper, and instead, focus on an attitude of giving when it comes to prospecting at meetup groups.  You have to give people the notion that you are there more for them than you are for yourself.  When people see that, they let their guard down, and are more willing to help you and get to know you better.  This is when you opportunity to share your business arises.  And believe me, it’s much more effective than hitting people with your opportunity right at the start.

This video is a quick study of what mindset we should carry in to prospecting at meetup groups, so that the people and the results we receive are quality and qualified.  Remember that we are busy people; don’t waste your time.  Work smarter, not harder.

One item that I did not mention in the video: CONSISTENCY.  If your group meets consistently, be there!  Don’t just bail on them.  You are walking away from a golden opportunity to get to the people behind those people because you simply just never know.

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