4 Items You’ll Need in Your Internet Marketing Success Journey

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With these 4 tips, you too can achieve ultimate internet marketing success

Published on August 08, 2012 with 1 Comment

Internet marketing success is like a role-playing game.

I think of internet marketing success in terms of a game between you and your target market.  Your mission is to extrapolate as much attraction and attention as you can from your target audience, so that you entice them to click and choose to learn more about what product or service that you have to offer.  It’s just like a video game, a role-playing adventure saga if you will, of the lone hero versus the mighty warlord/bad guy who is determined to take over the world.  Ok…it’s not that extreme, and your target audience isn’t going to take over the world.  But one this is for certain: if you don’t have what it takes to successfully attract your target audience to openly seek you for your product or service, it might as well be “game over” for your internet marketing business.  And you know what?  I’ve developed a cheat sheet for you in this game of internet marketing success.  To be a rockstar in this industry, you just need to gather 4 items.

The 4 keys to internet marketing success are blogs, ads, capture pages, and business pages.

These are the components you need to drive your internet marketing success

1) Creating a blog –

Setting up a blog is integral in terms of internet marketing success because it is the hub of which you can index and create your unique content that your target audience is looking for.  All you need is a domain name, a host, a blogging plugin like WordPress, and topics to write and you’re off!  My tip is that before you launch your blog, you should sit down and discover who your target audience truly is.  Learn to find your avatar before you begin.  Once you’ve figured that out, then it’s time to write.  I would recommend that you at least have 7-10 articles already written before your blog goes live, so that you are ahead of the curve.  My rule of thumb is that you should have one unique piece of content generated every day.  It can be in the form of a video, media, pictorial, or written.  In terms of internet marketing success, video is the hottest thing nowadays, so take advantage of the trend.

2) Creating ads – 

The second key to internet marketing success is to create ads.  Now I know that this might freak some people out, because they don’t want to spend a ton of money, but it’s not like that.  If you know how the execute and make smart ads, then your money will not be wasted.  The major avenues of advertising online are Facebook, Google, and YouTube, in that order.  I’m only going to focus on Facebook in this article.  Making Facebook ads seem pretty simple, but there are a LOT of rules and regulations that you MUST abide by.  Take some time to read through them before you proceed and get your ad taken down and your account shut down (yes, that will happen if you violate the rules!)  There is also a craft to developing a “perfect” Facebook ad that will attract the people that you want, the ones that will pay the money for your product or service.  You can either take the time to do the proper research on how to create a great Facebook ad, or you can contact me and I will show you how you can save yourself the stress the grief.  Either way, you’ll want to figure it out before you create the ad so you aren’t throwing valuable money away and paying for clicking customers who aren’t in your targeted demographic.  We’re looking for internet marketing success, not a money pit.

3) Capture pages – 

Ah yes, the third key to internet marketing success, and one of the most important keys there is.  The ad is the draw, and the capture page is really, and should be, the grown-up version of an ad.  There are several important pieces of “know-how” that you must figure out when creating a capture page.  One is that you must have some sort of opt-in or buy-in to be able to capture the contact information of your customers.  You absolutely must have some sort of video or visual to grab their attention as well, along with trigger words in your description and heading that will spur emotional agreement.  Every great capture page masters these principles, and as a result, have enormous capture percentages.  The downside to capture pages is that unless you have a systemized set of capture pages made for you by utilizing internet marketing promotional software or products, you’re on your own in terms of coding the pages and setting them up.  Again, it’s a choice: you need to evaluate how much your time is worth.  For me, I decided that my time was much more valuable than to learn coding and write the pages on my own, and so I opted to leverage a marketing system to do it for me so I can focus on the activities that make me money: marketing.

4) Business page – 

The last component to internet marketing success is to get yourself a Facebook business page.  You need to establish a professional reputation for yourself to the public eye, and there’s no better (and more inexpensive) way to do it than to leverage Facebook.  If you rep multiple product lines or services, you can just go ahead and create a page as a business professional or public figure, and then create application tabs for the products.  The only caveat to this is that you are only allowed 10 application tabs per Facebook business page, so be wise in the tabs that you utilize or create.  Remember that only the biography shows up on your business page front page info, so I always recommend putting your link in to your bio so that people can link directly to your primary page.  Make sure that you keep this page constantly updated with the latest news on your products or services so that you “fans” have constant exposure in front of them.  Try to run contests or create engaging content through questions and surveys to instigate active participation.  If you are new to creating a business page, I would recommend running an ad on Facebook to draw attention to your page.  You don’t just want your friends and family liking your page, because chances are that they already have heard of your product or service.

Conclusion: To keep it simple, these are the 4 items that you need for guaranteed internet marketing success.  I will note that this is just a general insight article.  I could write an entire piece on each component of this 4-item combination.  You need to do your due diligence and research each component and figure out how to combine all 4 components in to an outstanding marketing/sales funnel.  If your funnel is sound, then the leads coming out of that funnel will be ready to buy what you have to offer, if you can close the deal.  For my internet marketing success, I decided that because I had started so late in the game, I needed to catch up to what the pros were already doing.  I chose to invest in a system that would instantly put me ahead of the curve.  If you want to fast forward your success, I welcome you to take a look at how I accelerated past my competition.  Whatever you decide to do, I wish you the best of success.  Cheers to your internet marketing success!

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Success is within your grasp; reach out and take hold of it!

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  1. Great article! It condenses the 4 items really easily.

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